KFAT 94.5 FM
Gilroy, CA

Live air check from KFAT sometime in the early 1980's featuring "Unkle Sherman" at the controls.

KFAT-FM was located in Gilroy, California. It broadcast a quirky mix of country, blues, old-timey music, raunchy comedy, bluegrass, Hawaiian, and whatever struck the fancy of the disc jockey. It was on the air from mid-1975 to Jan. 1983 at 94.5 FM. From high atop Mt. Loma Prieta (site of the famous 1989 earthquake) near San Jose, its signal reached from north of San Francisco to south of Monterey and east to the Sierra Nevada mountains. Some of the original KFAT staff carries on the tradition (updated for the 21st Century) at KPIG in Freedom, Ca.


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