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Pioneer model SA-9500 integrated amplifier in excellent condition. Rated at 80 watts RMS into 8 ohms and 100 watts RMS into 4 ohms. This unit has been serviced and fully tested. Our original Performance Verification Report and a copy of the owner's manual included.


From Pioneer:

The SA-9500 features an ample margin power amplifier, versatile tone control section, precise RIAA equalisation, a reliable electronic protection circuit, accurate volume control adjustment range, phono jacks with impedance selector and level control and a tape switch for easy tape duplication.

The amplifier also incorporates pre-in and power out jacks.

A single SA-9500 can thus be used to set up various kinds of audio systems.




Bass Turnover 100Hz/200Hz/
Bass +/- 5
Treble Turnover 2kHz/4kHz/8kHz
Treble +/-5
Function: Mic/Phono2, Phono 1, Tuner, Aux 1, Aux 2


Speakers: Off, A, B, A+B,
Tone: On/Off
Low Filter
High Filter
Rev, Norm, L+R, L,
Muting: 0, -15dB,
Tape Monitor: 1, Source, 2
Tape Duplicate




Left Panel:

AC Outlet Unswitched
AC Outlet Switched (2)
Main In (L, R)
Pre Out (L, R)
Pre/Power Amp:
Speakers A (L, R)
Speakers B (L, R)

Right Panel:

Tape Monitor 1 Out (L, R)
Tape Monitor 1 In (L, R)
Tape Monitor 2 Out (L, R)
Tape Monitor 2 In (L, R)
Aux 1 Input (L, R)
Aux 2 Input (L, R)
Phono 1 Input (L, R)
Phono 2 Input (L, R)
Phono 2 Impedance Selector
Phono 2/Mic Level

Shipping Weight 45 lbs.


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